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IK Refrigeration

Case Study: Making electronic repair — easier


IK Refrigeration is a website that helps users to repair their electronics devices. This is a project through which we try to empathize with the user to define the problem and ideate on possible design solutions to book an electronic device repair service.

Project information

IK Refrigeration provide home services related to many different type of electronics device like Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Microwave and Washing Machine.

But, many users fail to contact them for their services mainly because they don’t have all the information needed and the website.



Based on the interviews and usability studies the website is ready for the customer.

Since we have designed the website to keep in mind customer’s points, the website addresses their needs and solves their problems.


I get compliments on our new web-design every month. I am so pleased that me and my team can edit through WordPress. We call ourselves “web-designers” and it’s hilarious but true. I think I am most proud of our site being Mobile friendly for all those smart phones and tablets. The bottom line is our site WORKS and the investment in a brand new website has paid for itself in 2-3 months!!!
Imtiyaz Khan
IK Refrigeration


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