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Poonam Sansthan

Case study: Designing a food delivery website from scratch


  • Poonam Sansthan is an independent development organization working towards a better society and future
  • They approached us to design and develop an informational website that would help them raise donations
  • They required basic functionalities like a contact form, picture gallery, and donation page

Planning and Design

  • We conducted a thorough analysis of their organization and their target audience
  • We developed a comprehensive plan that outlined the structure, navigation, and design of the website
  • We opted for a minimalist and user-friendly design, emphasizing the organization’s goals and impact
  • We included a picture gallery to showcase the organization’s activities and achievements

Development and Testing

Launch and Results

  • We launched the website on the agreed date and time
  • The website received positive feedback from the client and their supporters
  • The website’s traffic and engagement increased, resulting in more donations and support for the organization’s cause
  • The organization was able to use the website as a tool for fundraising and engaging with their supporters


Our team successfully designed and developed an informative NGO website that helped Poonam Sansthan to  raise donations and engage with their supporters. The minimalist and user-friendly design emphasized the organization’s goals and impact, resulting in increased traffic and engagement. The website’s basic functionalities, including the contact form, picture gallery, and donation page, provided visitors with a seamless and secure user experience. The website continues to be an essential tool for Poonam Sansthan fundraising efforts and support for their cause.

Poonam Sansthan


What a helpful bunch. After being scammed by another web design company, I was recommended The Web Cycle and I now know why. They are quick to respond, informative and deliver what is asked for. Would highly recommend. Thanks guys!
Himanshu Sharma
Poonam Sansthan


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